Social Media Intelligence at your fingertips

Organizations today can no longer ignore the power of social media and its influence on brands Each second, millions of social media interactions occur by more than a billion users across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. According to a Social Media Today survey, more than 97 percent of social media users report an online experience influenced their decision to buy a product. Edison Research found this year 33 percent of social media users follow a brand - more than double today than two years ago. Now more than ever, your brand's online and social media reputation matter. Gaining quantitative insights into online and social media activities has become an important marketing metric.

How could social media intelligence help your business?

Today, social networks have emerged as the "new generation" playing-field for consumers; where they could converse with others about products or services. People love to talk about their own experiences, especially the good ones. For example, it is a commonplace occurrence for someone to share the joy of using her brand-new mobile phone on Facebook, and have her friends Comment or Like the device. This sharing process introduces the product to a whole virtual community and tells us if the community likes it. Read More »

Xaffo is an extensible platform to address this need - generate comprehensive "Social Media Analytics" for brands.